A grab bag of news, observations, and future blog topics

Writing now to encourage myself to write later.

Things to write about:  endurance training in all seasons.  As fall begins to draw to a close my training is on the rise.  Thoughts on training in the rain, dark, cold and snow and why I am going to like it.


Teaching calculus that matters.  Our students are predominantly not math majors.  How can we make this course as valuable to them as possible?  Most of the particulars of the course are not terribly important for them to remember, but learning to think and form chains of inferences is very important.  I’m learning a lot about teaching calculus entirely in the context of applications.  I’m trying to make all the questions I ask meaningful.


The philosophy of space time:  my thesis will end up being about the topology of spacetime in ways I’ll elaborate on later.  But I’m realizing that many of these questions are the same questions that a small group of philosophers have been excited about all during the last century.


Freed from a car: how to live with bikes and only bikes.


Microhouses: preparing to free myself from the mainstream of consumerism.  Working less, so earning less, but keeping the same, or even increasing the actual disposable income by drastically cutting expenses.  




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