Green Lake Power Line Boulders

Went out to Green Lake today with Tilan to check on the Power Line boulders.  The corridor has  plenty of snow but it really just adds to the landing.  The Origins boulder (the beautiful boulder at the peak of the corridor) is dry and warm.  While I walked around the area a few weeks ago this was my first time climbing there.  I neglected to take any photos however, so that’ll come next time.  There are some lovely problems already put up (read about it in Boulder Bangor!) and  lots of potential for more routes.  I can see at least four more problems being put up.  

We also walked down the hill towards Green Lake and into the woods behind the boulder with “Not Long for this World” on it.  There are lots of boulders, easily half a dozen with multiple lines on them.  It’s clear that folks are developing these boulders as I have found some chalk marks.  There’s lots of potential there.  

I’m not sure where I’ll boulder this weekend.  I’m visiting Brenna on Philips Lake and so I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up at Hurd Pond (I have some unfinished business with the Parking Lot boulders) tomorrow.  Sunday is up in the air, but returning to Green Lake is something I’ll do within the next week.


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