Commuting, training and baby wipes

I’ve been puzzled lately of how to fit in increasingly long and frequent rides with bike commuting to work.  It occurred to me that I could start commuting a longer way.  My current commute is a quick 3.5 mile ride though in the summer I commute on my rigid single speed and make it longer, but that’s always been just for fun.  


Road riding has always been more serious to me and so perhaps that’s why it took me so long to think about mixing commuting and training together.  Going out and riding for a couple hours and coming home means a lot of time used up in the transition from cycling to showering/eating and then commuting.  I am fortunate in that I work on a college campus and can go to the recreation center and shower (at least for now) but that can also eat up an extra 15-20 minutes which is time and miles I don’t always have.


I don’t remember how I thought of using baby wipes but I’m on my third week of doing so and I’m really pleased with the results.  It means I can make longer commutes, so far almost 40 miles or cut them as short as 10 and hammer.  I can ride right up to my building and bring in my bike, strip, and wipe myself down with a couple wipes (I use three).  Apply deodorant and I’m good all day.  Seriously good.  I’ve had my girlfriend do the pit test and she’s given me the thumbs up.


It makes sense when you think about it (thus this post). What are baby wipes for?  Cleaning up people with sensitive skin who’ve just shit themselves.  Yeah, they’ve shit themselves and probably sat in it.  It’s all over their genitalia, their legs, etc.  This is nasty stuff.  You want to clean that up and quick. But you’re also not looking to destroy that baby soft skin.   


I’m currently working my way through a giant “all natural” baby wipe refill pack that I bought for under $4.  Once I finish with it I’m thinking of making something more re-usable that I can pack in and take home and wash.  I hit the obvious spots a couple of times and then do a light body wipe.  It really is effective and allows me to put in a long ride right up to the door of my office. I don’t need a shower, shower supplies and it’s quick.


What do you use?


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