Lorentz & Dirac Algebras

I’m learning (again), that if Peskin & Schroeder at any point says “… it is easy to verify …”, then that does not mean that it will be easy for you to verify, just that it is easy for someone to verify! I came across this yesterday in Chapter 3 on the Dirac Field, where they construct an n-dimensional representation of the Lorentz algebra using the anti-commutator of the Dirac algebra (eq. 3.23). Despite the above phase regarding the ease of this calculation, it took me three false starts and a good 45 minutes (once on the right track, broken up over the whole day) in order to actually show this. I’m putting this in my Advanced problem set, despite the fact that it’s just algebra!

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One Response to Lorentz & Dirac Algebras

  1. I like your idea of an ‘Advanced’ section of your blog. I’ll work on this as time permits. Today has been good, Nyx has had a good day. Tomorrow I teach however so I’ll have less time. Thanks for contributing.

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